LaBalance Menopause Wave


LaBalance Menopause Wave


My Peri/Menopause Symptoms

This is Week 8
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We’re thrilled to have you involved in our first LaBalance love your menopause wave.

Welcome to your symptom tracker to help you track your journey over the coming 12 weeks. We understand the first couple of weeks while you rebalance may be a bit rocky but hang on in there. The benefits for so many are really worth waiting for.

Please ensure you complete this tracker every week to track your LaBalance improvements.

Much Love

Angela and the Team at

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how it works


Level 0 - No Symptoms

You have no symtoms


Level 1 - Low

The symptoms and/or pain’s there or but you are getting on with the day as normal, it’s not stopping you from doing anything. In the example below the vaginal dryness is annoying but not interfering with going about your day, though of course you would prefer not to have it.


Level 2 - Medium

The symptom and/or pain’s there and has some impact on what you would usually do. e.g. in the example below the disrupted sleep and it’s making you moody is stopping you going about your day’s activities as you are tired due to lack of a good nights sleep, but you are still doing most of what you would usually do in your day.


Level 3 - High

The symptom and/or pain’s bad and definitely stopping you from going about your day e.g. in the example below you have very bad hot flushes and headaches/migraines so have cancelled your days activities and would definitely like the flushes to go away and something to help with the headaches

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