You're in, that's fantastic!

Here’s the more serious stuff:

As a condition of entering, at the end of the 90-day Wave, you agree to us posting your thumbnail picture on our site showing our real women’s honest feedback as to whether LaBalance has:

  • Eliminated your symptoms (two green ticks on your picture)
  • Helped with some of your symptoms (one green tick on your picture)
  • Not made any noticeable difference to your symptons (one red tick on your picture)

You will also need to take a picture of yourself with your thumbs up saying “I’m in” and post on your Instagram feed and stories, tagging @labalance_sassylafemme, before 18th October.

When you receive your LaBalance please take a selfie of you holding your LaBalance box or wearing LaBalance, whatever you choose, and send it to

If you are interested in helping other women, please feel free to share as often as you like on your own socials and tag us.

Along the way you’ll share honest feedback as to how you are getting along.

Please confirm that you agree to the the terms and conditions for our 90 day wave.

Please accept the Terms and Conditions to proceed.

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