Things You Need to Avoid Not To Worsen Symptoms

3 Ways You Could Be Making Menopause Symptoms Worse

When all you’re trying to do is relieve those frustrating symptoms of menopause, the last thing you want is to make it worse! Surprisingly, it’s easier than you think to aggravate the situation and you might not even realise you’re doing it!

You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Don’t ignore the very basic things such as water intake. Before you even attempt to clear up your act when it comes to diet… sort out your water first! You probably don’t feel dehydrated, but even drinking a ‘normal’ amount of water might not be enough. By ‘normal’, we mean the same amount of water you have always drank. Think of water as your river of health; if you keep it flowing, things move along as they should. Water carries out waste and toxins, which is absolutely crucial for all of us (whether we’re menopausal or not!). If you don’t drink plenty of water every day you could be making your symptoms worse. Or to put it the other way, if you start to drink even more water you could see a significant improvement!

You’re Not Putting Sleep First

Another basic area that we neglect… sleep. When our schedules are jam-packed the majority of us will sacrifice sleep without even giving it a second thought. Getting in late from work often means your entire schedule gets pushed back. But does it need to? Could you just forgo something you need to do that night? Favourite TV show starts at 10pm and you can’t miss it? Watch it on catch-up the following day! Don’t let small things take priority over sleep.

A lack of sleep leads to increased anxiety and can play havoc with your nervous system, disrupting natural cycles. When we sleep we heal and repair and if we don’t let our bodies do their thing, we of course pay for it.

You’ve Resigned Yourself to a Terrible Menopause

Don’t simply accept that you need to suffer through menopause. If HRT is not for you and you’ve been hopelessly searching for a natural alternative, let us introduce LaBalance. An all natural small device that is worn discreetly in the pelvic area. LaBalance attaches directly to your undergarments and is worn 24/7 to reduce or eliminate menopause symptoms. It works by rebalancing your autonomic nervous system (ANS), which is responsible for all menopause-related symptoms. Depleting hormones cause the ANS to become unbalanced.

The key message here is to look after yourself right down to the basics. Don’t neglect your most basic needs such as adequate sleep, water and healthy balanced diet. Introduce some regular exercise and focus on finding balance in your mental state too. Meditation, yoga and long walks can all help reduce anxiety and low moods.

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