Menopause Suffering For Some Woman

Testimonials for Labalance

The new LaBalance represents a revolutionary breakthrough in reducing symptoms of menopause 24/7, including perimenopause, hysterectomy and oophorectomy. Loved by thousands of women worldwide we wanted to share a few of the many testimonials we receive every month. Try LaBalance for yourself. Thank you so much for this magical device Hi LaBalance, I had to […]

What is LadyCare Plus?

What is LadyCare?

LadyCare is a natural solution for reducing or, (in some cases) completely eliminating symptoms of menopause and perimenopause. LadyCare has been supporting women since 2005 and sells products all over the world to women who are suffering through this challenging time in their lives.  The LadyCare Plus device is worn against the body, discreetly attached […]

Do You Wear LadyCare at Night?

Do You Wear LadyCare at Night?

LadyCare is a device which may reduce or eliminate symptoms of menopause and perimenopause. It’s already used by over Half a Million women in the UK alone, but also widely used across the world. The LadyCare Plus device should be worn 24/7 throughout menopause, including during the night.  When you first start wearing LadyCare Plus […]

Can a Woman Have an Orgasm After Menopause

Can a Woman Have an Orgasm After Menopause?

As menopause approaches, women expect their bodies to go through changes. Many of us are aware of how symptoms of menopause could impact certain areas of our lives. One common concern amongst women is how it might affect their sex life. Unfortunately, this isn’t talked about as openly as other well-known symptoms such as mood […]

Does LadyCare Menopause Magnet Work?

Does LadyCare Menopause Magnet Work?

LadyCare is a small discreet device worn by women who are experiencing symptoms of menopause or perimenopause and looking for a natural solution. It’s a device that harnesses the power of magnetic therapy and is successfully worn by women all over the world.  With natural alternative solutions to health-related symptoms, they are often met with […]

Proven menopause treatment

Proven Menopause Treatments That Really Work

For some women, menopause is a cause for celebration as it officially marks the end of the reproductive years and with it the end of menstruation. This means there is no longer any need to buy feminine products which, let’s admit it, can be expensive and an inconvenience. However, many women struggle with the reality […]

Is Wearing a Magnet Bad for You? - Magnetic Therapy

Is Wearing a Magnet Bad for You?

LaBalance is a device worn to reduce symptoms of menopause which does use magnetic therapy, but the LaBalance device is not simply just a magnet. LaBalance has a unique directional device and uses a very powerful magnetic component. Over the years we have discovered the optimal power with our LaBalance device for targeting the ANS […]

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How to Take Back Control During Menopause

Feeling out of control during both perimenopause and menopause isn’t uncommon at all. Women can feel like their entire world is falling apart and that is sadly the reality for so many people. Symptoms can be embarrassing and difficult to deal with in public. They can impact your mood so much that relationships begin to […]

Menopause Symptoms Sucks So Much

Why Does Menopause Suck So Much?

What the majority of us seem to agree on, is that menopause (in general) is NOT an enjoyable process. Granted, there are a small minority of women who breeze through menopause without barely noticing it’s happening. This, however, seems to be as lucky as winning the lottery! For most of us, menopause comes along with […]

Getting Sex Life Back After Menopause

Menopause, Can I Get My Sex Life Back?

One of the lesser spoken about symptoms of menopause is a loss of libido. Why isn’t it discussed as much? Many women are embarrassed to admit that their sex lives are suffering because of ‘the change’. This is particularly the case if friends of a similar age don’t appear to have any issues in the […]

Does Sleep Aggravate Your Menopause Symptoms?

If there’s one thing that we seem to universally complain about, it’s poor sleep. Is sleep this sacred thing that only a handful are blessed with? It certainly feels that way! If you think about it… as teenagers, no amount of sleep seems to be enough. In our twenties and thirties, our wonderful children completely […]

Science Behind Menopause

What’s the Science Behind Menopause?

When we think of menopause, most of us think of hot flushes, mood swings and generally just getting older! But what’s actually happening to our bodies beyond just ageing and more importantly, why does it actually happen? You will be pleased to know it’s not just our bodies way of getting back at us, there […]

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