Does LadyCare Menopause Magnet Work?

Does LadyCare Menopause Magnet Work?

LadyCare is a small discreet device worn by women who are experiencing symptoms of menopause or perimenopause and looking for a natural solution. It’s a device that harnesses the power of magnetic therapy and is successfully worn by women all over the world. 

With natural alternative solutions to health-related symptoms, they are often met with scepticism. We hope to address some common questions surrounding both magnetic therapy in general, and specifically for menopause with LadyCare Plus.

What is Magnet Therapy?

Magnet Therapy has been used for centuries and still to this day it is used to treat illness and health problems all over the world. Some people swear by magnet therapy, whilst others remain sceptical of alternative medicines and solutions, arguing that it cannot be proven. The fact that it has been around for so long is reassuring. Magnetised stones were used to treat diseases in ancient history, the earliest reference is around 4000BC. To understand why magnet therapy is used by so many, we must first understand that the Earth produces electromagnetic fields and so too does the human body. 

It makes sense to assume that when they are both in sync, the body is functioning at its optimal level, but when they are not in-sync and balanced, things can start to shift. It’s believed that the magnetic fields produced by the Earth cause physical and emotional changes within us.

Most of us know that magnets have two poles (North and South). Opposite poles attract one another and two poles the same repulse each other. We learn this basic fact from a young age in school, but we rarely think about this on a larger scale, thinking past the magnets we have around our homes. The region around each ‘attraction’ or repulsion’ is known as the magnetic field and it extends around the magnet. These regions differ depending on whether it’s a field of attraction or repulsion, depending on whether it’s a North or South pole. 

If you’re wondering why the Earth has a magnetic field, it’s actually one giant magnet in itself. Since all magnets have a magnetic field, this means the Earth does too. Something else you might remember from school is that the Earth’s molten core is metal and circulates electrical currents causing this magnetic field. 

It is believed that the reason magnet therapy works, is because magnetic fields are capable of acting on the body by causing disruptions to the molecules in our tissues. 

How is Magnet Therapy Said to Work for Menopause?

This leads us to ask the question, how does this all work when it comes to menopause? You’re probably thinking…. ‘I thought menopause was the result of depleting hormones progesterone and oestrogen’ and you would be right! 

You are officially menopausal when you haven’t had a menstrual cycle for 12 consecutive months. This occurs naturally in women when progesterone and oestrogen levels have all but vanished. The time that these hormones start to reduce, but you are still having monthly cycles, this is known as perimenopause. 

For some women this can last a few weeks, for others, it can be months or even years. Some women won’t even notice they are perimenopausal, while others will sadly be acutely aware. It’s common to experience the same symptoms as menopause itself. 

We believe that during both perimenopause and menopause, the autonomic nervous system (ANS) becomes offset as a result of falling hormones. We believe that this unbalance of the autonomic nervous system causes all common symptoms of menopause. 

The ANS has two parts which work together; the SNS (sympathetic nervous system) division and the PNS (parasympathetic nervous system) division. 

The SNS is in control of things like heart rate and sweating which are common symptoms of menopause. This is our body’s fight-flight stress reactor system. We need a certain amount of both of these to perceive a threat and react to it. However, when this becomes off-balanced it can cause problems such as hot flushes and ongoing anxiety.

Compare this to the PNS which is responsible for rest and digestion. The two divisions need to be in balance and the PNS helps with repair and regulates heart rate, bringing it down when the SNS takes it up. 

Through the power of LadyCare, we believe our device helps to rebalance the two divisions during menopause and perimenopause. 

Does it Really Work?

Many people are sceptical about whether or not magnetic therapy will work for them and specifically LadyCare Plus. We always remind women that in our own studies and trials LadyCare worked for 71% of women who took part and it helped reduce up to 24 different symptoms of menopause according to the feedback we received. 

This means we do not claim that LadyCare will work for everyone, but the odds are in your favour. In a survey conducted by Dr Nyjon Eccles, (MD, The Natural Doctor, Harley Street, London) 35 women from the British Association of Women Police took part in the research to determine if LadyCare was helping to balance the ANS. Every woman wore the device 24/7 for 3 months. 

“A recognised, non-invasive method of measuring ANS activity is by heart rate variability (HRV). Close inspection and measurement of the heart rhythm reveal that the measured time between each heartbeat varies. This variation is a reflection of the influence of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) (speeding the heart) and parasympathetic nervous system (SNS) (slowing the heart down), and so it is a convenient way of measuring ANS activity”

Hot flushes and night sweats were amongst the most commonly reported symptoms of the women taking part and 71% reported a reduction in their symptoms after one month of wearing the device. The data from the HRV machine matched these reports in linking menopausal symptoms with an imbalance in the ANS.

LadyCare always needs to be worn correctly for it to work. This means to following areas need your attention:

  1. Wear LadyCare attached correctly to the middle of your underwear, with the pear-shaped part against your skin and the small round button placed on the outside. 
  2. Wear LadyCare 24/7 including to bed. If you don’t like wearing underwear to bed, we suggest a light breathable pair of undergarments specifically for nighttime wear. If you skip days or nights wearing LadyCare this will impact the benefits you receive. Only remove for bathing or showering. 
  3. Be patient with LadyCare. It can take a full 3 months of consecutive wear in the beginning before you notice benefits. You might have heard some women talk about a reduction in symptoms within just a matter of days and this can happen. However, for others, it can take several weeks. Just as we all experience menopause differently and at different times, the LadyCare experience is unique to you as well. We always recommend drinking plenty of water. 

Another study conducted with 508 women suffering from menopause or perimenopause related symptoms were asked to report their symptoms and the duration of them prior to using LadyCare and again afterwards. The following symptoms were reported as being reduced after wearing LadyCare for a full 3 months:

  • Hot flushes 
  • Vaginal Dryness 
  • Trouble sleeping 
  • Urinary incontinence 
  • Breast tenderness/soreness 
  • Irritability & Anxiety 
  • Feelings of doom 
  • Sudden weight gain 
  • Increased muscle tension 
  • Mood swings 
  • Marked fatigue 
  • Loss of libido 
  • Inability to concentrate 
  • Painful sore muscles 
  • Lapses of memory

Is LadyCare Just a Magnet?

Could you receive the same benefits from wearing LadyCare with an ordinary magnet that you might find on your fridge or around your home? The answer to this is no, absolutely not! LadyCare has been specifically designed using a unique directional device alongside an extremely powerful magnet which we believe has the optimal power for rebalancing the ANS. Both parts of the device (the round pear-shaped side and small button) are crucial in delivering results. If you misplace the small round button, replacements can be purchased directly from our website. 

LadyCare can also be worn following a hysterectomy. If you are in natural menopause or surgical menopause it will make no difference to the results you receive. This is also the case if you have had an oophorectomy where the ovaries are removed and you, therefore, become immediately menopausal, post-surgery. 

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