Trudi Roscouet

Menopause Specialist & Founder of vitality40plus

Trudi was born and raised in Jersey, Channel Islands and having had a successful career in Finance, changed direction in 2010 to requalify as a Personal Trainer in UK; specializing in women’s
and children’s fitness and obesity.

Her own menopause started her on her journey in 2019 and how it affected her body and mind. Initially, the concept was how women could change “The Menopause Body” but over the months and years to follow, her coaching turned to
corporates, men, and couples as well as educating women in many jurisdictions including the Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Spain and IOM.

Trudi is a regular contributor for “Menopause Matters”, a national magazine demystifying all areas of the Menopause, as well as local and national articles in newspapers and journals.

She is an active member of “The Menopause Mandate” a group of celebrities and professional women who fight for equality in women’s health care. She has recently attended the Houses of Parliament as a guest Carolyn Harris, MP (the co-chair of the
Menopause Task Force) and is now working with Helen Tomlinson, the new UK Menopause Tsar
appointed by the Government.

On International Woman’s Day 2023, Trudi was appointed the Soroptimist “Inspirational Woman of the Year” : an award which she was immensely proud and grateful to have received.

Her courses relating to Menopause are filtering through corporates; explaining the importance of why “Menopause Matters” to senior management as well as managers. The results speak for themselves including reducing absenteeism and keeping women in the workforce longer.

She released a podcast channel “Let’s Talk about Health Baby” to try to break taboos on various health issues.

The “Menopause Forum” is a collaboration of GP medical knowledge and lifestyle advice and has already been launched in Jersey and Gibraltar. These are informal evening sessions whereby all women are invited to have open discussions on anything related to the Menopause.

In 2023, Trudi has written her first e-book “An Emergency Guide to the Menopause” and this is available upon her website. “The Mission” and “The Menopause Body” have been released and can help women worldwide to
establish new habits and inevitably, lead to weight loss. Trudi’s book of the same name is being written and hopefully, will be out in 2024.

In October 2023, she successfully launched the first “Natural Menopause Expo” in Jersey and is awaiting to host a dinner with Sally Gunnell MBE to celebrate World Menopause Day.

Trudi has also qualified as a member of the International Menopause Society and is an accredited Menopause Wellbeing coach.


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