Emily Barclay

Founder of the Perimenopause Hub,

Emily Barclay, founder of the Perimenopause Hub, and affectionately known as the perigodmother to the tens of thousands of women in the Hub Facebook group, has brought together 40 experts to create The Aargh to Zen of Perimenopause: The Essential Guide to Navigating Perimenopause Your Way. Across the 48 chapters in this dip-in-as-you-need-it book, you will learn about everything from sleep, to HRT; anxiety to divorce; body acceptance to food as medicine. And so much more. The Aargh to Zen of Perimenopause is available on Amazon UK here.

The Perimenopause Hub came about after founder, Emily Barclay, spent over 3 years trying to get answers from doctors as to why she no longer recognised herself, why she was dealing with huge fatigue, was angry over nothing, was bursting into tears at the drop of the hat. When she finally get the word perimenopause, she found that what she needed in terms of support didn’t exist, so she


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