Lisa Michaels

Quantum Energy Practitioner Healer

I am Lisa Michaels, and 7 years ago I had a calling from my soul that led me to Spiritual self-development and onto becoming a Quantum Energy Practitioner Healer.

Having experienced several burnouts, anxiety and depression. I realised that enough was enough and embarked on different Healing methods, Hermetic and Metaphysical modalities and Meditation, that have supported me greatly and have literally healed my life.

What I believe to be important is to be in alignment with our HEARTS. It knows the way and is the most powerful magnetic part of us in achieving our inner fulfillment and harmony.

This approach will help you to connect with the spiritual nature that has no bounds or limitations and allows you to expand, learn to trust your intuition, taking inspired, aligned action to achieve more of what you desire and wish to create working from your higher self and from an empowered place.

I have a number of programmes designed to help you build, achieve and align with your Heart & Soul and live to your fullest potential.


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