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Is Wearing a Magnet Bad for You?

LaBalance is a device worn to reduce symptoms of menopause which does use magnetic therapy, but the LaBalance device is not simply just a magnet. LaBalance has a unique directional device and uses a very powerful magnetic component. Over the years we have discovered the optimal power with our LaBalance device for targeting the ANS (autonomic nervous system) and reducing up to 24 symptoms of menopause. 

We’re often asked what the science is behind LaBalance and how magnetic therapy plays a part in the success of LaBalance. 

LaBalance has been designed to bring back the balance between to the two sides of the ANS. The Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) and the Parasympathetic division (PNS). When these two sides are in balance, bodily functions such as sweating, body temperature, circulation, heart rate etc, are in control. We believe that the reduction in hormones during menopause/perimenopause causes the ANS to become offset. 

LaBalance uses a static negative pole field, along with a patented directional component to target the pelvic area and return equilibrium to the ANS. 

Everyone will have their own opinion on whether or not wearing something which uses this kind of approach really works. In our research, including a study with the British Association of Women Police and a survey of 508 women experiencing the perimenopause or menopause, LaBalance works for 71% of users. It has been reported to reduce up to 24 different symptoms with noticeable difference and improvement. 

Alternative medicine is an increasingly popular approach to a number of different diseases and illnesses. Of course, LaBalance is not a medical condition but a naturally occurring event. However, many women choose LaBalance as an alternative to HRT, and some women even choose to wear it alongside HRT. It’s safe to wear LaBalance alongside any other medication because it’s a natural approach to symptom control. 

Magnetic therapy is a natural approach to reducing menopause symptoms and it’s for this reason that LaBalance is so popular. It doesn’t involve taking any kind of medication and it carries zero risks. Over half a million women in the UK alone wear LaBalance every day to help reduce or completely eliminate symptoms of menopause and perimenopause. 

Pacemakers and Surgical Impants

LaBalance transmits a static negative pole field making it safe to use even with pacemakers or defibrillators. There is often confusion surrounding this because caution is advised around things such as microwaves or mobiles when it comes to pacemakers. This is to do with things that emit an alternating pole field. LaBalance does not do this. Again, this applies to things such as a copper or Mirena coil, these are not affected by wearing LaBalance. 

Current regulations require us to include the warning regarding pacemakers on our products and to inform customers with pacemakers or whose partners wear pacemakers. However, we have been manufacturing our products for the past 14 years, and many of our customers have pacemakers. We have not received a single report of any adverse effects to date.

Those who have surgical implants can also wear LaBalance without concern because all-metal implants are non-magnetic. As well as this, LaBalance is encased with a plastic shell that has ultrasonically welded seams.

The DON’TS of Wearing LaBalance

Please do not replace the round button with any kind of magnet found at home. Although the connection between the two parts is magnetic, this does not mean a coin or other replacement will suffice. We sell replacement round buttons here on our website. Both parts of the LaBalance device, including the pear-shaped part, are crucial to the overall performance of the device. 

Please do not use cheap alternative devices which are claiming to be LaBalance copies or anything associated with LaBalance. We say this because a lot of time and experience has gone into creating a device which is much-loved all over the world. We can only guarantee the LaBalance quality when you purchase the official LaBalance menopause device. 

So to answer the question, Is wearing a magnet bad for you? The LaBalance device is 100% safe to use and wear. We cannot speak for other products, but we can assure you that LaBalance is made to a very high standard using a high power which lasts at least 5 years, and a water-tight seal. We still advise the device is removed when swimming or bathing etc, to avoid loss. 

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