Menopause Symptoms Sucks So Much

Why Does Menopause Suck So Much?

What the majority of us seem to agree on, is that menopause (in general) is NOT an enjoyable process. Granted, there are a small minority of women who breeze through menopause without barely noticing it’s happening. This, however, seems to be as lucky as winning the lottery! For most of us, menopause comes along with several dilapidating symptoms that can turn our lives upside down. But why?

Before we answer ‘why’, let’s look at ‘what’ it is that can often make menopause so uncomfortable.

Mood swings

Are you going mad? Don’t panic, the answer is no! Even though it might feel like that sometimes. If you remember back to your teenage years when one minute you’d be on a high and the next you’d be crying into your pillow for no apparent reason… welcome to menopause. Many women report high highs and low lows that strike throughout the day and leave you feeling completely exhausted. Emotions can do that to you and this only adds to other physical symptoms that are ruining your day.

Night Sweats

Simply put, night sweats are basically hot flushes that occur during the night while you sleep! When you do eventually wake throughout the night, you find yourself dripping wet and lying in a pool of sweat. Again, like hot flushes, there is so much more discomfort that comes with this, other than the obvious. It can be extremely embarrassing even if you’ve been married to your partner for years. It’s very disrupting to your sleep, especially if you have to change the sheets in the middle of the night.


So now we know what makes menopause so much fun, (and that’s only 3 symptoms from the 24 reported symptoms of menopause) the question is why? You probably know by now that menopause means your hormone production has slowed and the ovaries have stopped producing estrogen and progesterone. Why does this mean all of the terrible symptoms we experience should surface?

The answer is, it all comes down to the ANS (autonomic nervous system). The ANS has two parts; the SNS (sympathetic nervous system) and the parasympathetic division. Reductions in hormones are believed to cause an imbalance between these two components, putting the SNS in overdrive. Since the nervous system is responsible for controlling body functions, including stress, sweating, body temperate, heart rate, etc,. It’s easy to see why an imbalance in the ANS causes those terrible symptoms.

Our LaBalance technology helps restore equilibrium to the ANS by reducing excessive SNS activity. In a study we conducted, LaBalance worked for 71% of women.

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