New Year’s Resolutions For Women In Menopause

4 New Year’s Resolutions For Women In Menopause

It’s that time again, the start of a brand new year. Many of you will be setting new year’s resolutions such as ‘spend more time with the family’, ‘eat healthier’ or ‘exercise more’. These are all great, but they are so generic that it can be difficult to stick to them. What does eating healthier really involve? Does ‘more exercise’ mean once a week, or every day? Here at LaBalance, we think your health should be your number one priority in 2016, so that’s why we’ve put together 5 new year resolutions for women in menopause!

Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day

You should be drinking at least 8 glasses of fluid a day anyway. However, it’s even more important to drink water during menopause, and to start replacing some of those popular ‘fluids’ such as tea and coffee, with water instead. Water flushes out toxins, it keeps your skin hydrated and therefore helps to prevent wrinkles. Not only this but drinking water can also help to reduce against hot flushes.

Take 10 Minutes Every Day to Relax

We’ve all experienced stress in one form or another. Unfortunately for many of us stress can start ruling our lives and can easily lead to depression if it’s ongoing and high. During menopause stress is just as unwelcome as those unbearable night sweats, in fact adding stress into the mix can make symptoms even worse. Taking 10 minutes every day to relax is a very small percentage of the day and the even the busiest of us can manage that. We recommend 10 minutes of guided meditation using an app on your phone, or following a YouTube video. Yoga is also a good way to relax, or you could go for a quiet walk if the weather allows. The main aim within the 10 minutes is to clear your mind of worries and focus on positive thoughts.

Pick Two Days a Week & Make Them Your Exercise Days

Choose two days that are not consecutive, such as Tuesday and Friday. Add them to your diary or calendar as exercise days. Set aside just 1 hour on each of these days and make sure you fill it with light exercise. Here are some ideas:

  • Go for a walk (perfect if you have a dog)
  • Do a workout DVD (nothing too intense, unless you want a challenge)
  • Go to the gym with a friend
  • Create your own routine at home, (e.g follow a YouTube video for inspiration)
  • Yoga
  • Join a pilates, zumba or dance class

Wear Your LaBalance 24/7

Many of you reading this will already have your very own LaBalance device. We have helped thousands of women all over the world reduce the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. It’s really important that you wear LaBalance 24/7 to get the full re-balancing benefits that the device provides. This means wearing it to bed and only removing it for baths, showers and swimming. If you haven’t got a LaBalance and you are suffering badly with symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings etc., then please do try our fabulous device.

We wish you all a very happy new year and hope that 2016 is the best one yet. Please follow us on Twitter @lasycareusauk or like us on Facebook if you’d like to follow our menopause blog posts.

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