Things About Menopause You Probably Didn’t Know

5 Things About Menopause You Probably Didn’t Know

Menopause can be a frustrating and misunderstood time, not only for ourselves, but also for the people around us. Thankfully menopause is becoming less ‘taboo’ and much more openly discussed, but despite this, there are still some things our Mothers just never told us, and we certainly wished they had. Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about Menopause.

1. Hot Flushes Can Last Much Longer Than You Think

Many women anticipate hot flushes to be… well exactly that, a short ‘flush’ of heat lasting only a few minutes. Unfortunately this is not the case, hot flushes can last a considerable amount of time, building in intensity and then leaving you in a cold sweating mess by the end. Some women even suffer terrible nausea during a hot flush, just for the cherry on the cake, and this can happen repeatedly throughout the day, as well as the night.

2. You Need to Keep an Eye on Your Cholesterol

Yet another unfortunate fact of menopause, is that there are a number of concerning health issues that can arise. Many women are simply unaware of these and therefore don’t do anything to combat potential problems. As oestrogen levels decrease during menopause, your bad cholesterol levels can begin to rise as a result. Women who are aware of this, can ensure they are leading a healthy lifestyle in terms of nutrition and exercise, in order to maintain healthy cholesterol levels when oestrogen decreases.

3. Environmental Factors Can Bring on Early Menopause

Certain things like smoking, chemotherapy, poor nutrition, and of course a hysterectomy can bring on early menopause. Some of these things are avoidable, but others can be managed such as your diet and lifestyle choices. Studies have revealed that women who smoke, have a 40% higher risk of developing early menopause. Eating a balanced diet, drinking less alcohol and quitting smoking, can all help in avoiding early menopause.

4. You Will Not Necessarily Have the Same Experience as Your Mother

Although the age you start menopause is partly genetically determined, this does not mean that you will have the same experience as your Mother or Sister. Your symptoms can vary considerably despite being in the same family; things that worked for others might not work for you and visa versa. The rate at which the ovary function declines will also be different, with some women’s declining years before menopause begins.

5. There Are Alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy

HRT (hormone replacement therapy) is not the only option for treating menopause. Many women do not want to consider HRT due to the side effects that can occur on a treatment plan. The LaBalance device is a natural alternative that is proven to rebalance the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) this imbalance is responsible for all menopausal symptoms, and you can read more about how it works here. So if you’ve been feeling like HRT is your only option for relieving those severe symptoms, we strongly advise you to give the LaBalance device a go.

Menopause is not something anyone really looks forward to, so it’s natural not to want to think about it, but understanding Menopause and knowing exactly what to expect, will help you, and those around you, feel more comfortable when the inevitable finally happens, because it’s a fact of life that we will all go through it.

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