Beat the Winter Sniffles Before It Strikes

Beat the Winter Sniffles Before It Strikes

Most of us just accept that at some point over the Winter, we will inevitably catch a cold. We almost resign ourselves to this fact and don’t actually try to take preventative measures against it. Okay, so maybe we steer clear of our friends when they’ve got a case of a bunged up nose, but is that really enough? If you could make a few changes and avoid falling ill this Winter, surely that would be worth it. No one enjoys having a cold!

Supplement Your Diet

Unless your diet is superb and always perfect, you probably don’t get enough of the key nutrients that fight against infections, diseases and viruses. Vitamin C is an obvious one, but supplementing only Vitamin C might not be enough. We strongly recommend taking Nutricell as the first line of defence against colds and sickness. Nutricell was formulated with you in mind. It’s primarily designed to help support things like bone strength, breast health, and heart health to name just a few. However, because it targets key nutrient imbalances and provides optimum levels of vitamins D3 and K2 it also supports immune function.

Drink Plenty of Water

We are always slipping this tip in to our blog posts and advice posts. Water is everything and it’s the main source that removes toxins from the body once they have been dealt with. Drink as much water as you can in the morning and throughout the day. If you struggle with sleep and find you’re waking up in the night to visit the toilet, simply stop drinking after 8pm.

Carry Hand Sanitizer

How many times do you wash your hands a day? If it’s only after you’ve been to the toilet, or before you cook… it’s not enough! When germs are rife and especially when you’ve been out and about in a public place, your hands will be carrying all sorts of bacteria. It’s not always convenient to wash your hands several times throughout the day, but that’s where hand sanitizer is a life saver! Small things such as pushing a trolley in the supermarket, opening doors in shops, or resting your hands on a checkout counter. These are classic ways that we spread germs without really thinking about it.

Lifestyle Changes

Smoking increases your chance of catching colds and viruses because it changes your respiratory tract and therefore decreases immune response. We’re all very aware of the negative impact of smoking, but the common cold might not be one you’ve considered. Of course, other lifestyle factors such as eating a balanced healthy diet and getting enough sleep are also just as important as quitting bad habits.

Don’t sit back and wait for the Winter sniffles to strike. Start taking action and put your health first. This includes your mental health. Wishing you all a healthy and happy Winter.

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