Menopause Suffering For Some Woman

Testimonials for Labalance

The new LaBalance represents a revolutionary breakthrough in reducing symptoms of menopause 24/7, including perimenopause, hysterectomy and oophorectomy. Loved by thousands of women worldwide we wanted to share a few of the many testimonials we receive every month. Try LaBalance for yourself. Thank you so much for this magical device Hi LaBalance, I had to […]


HRT Crisis – LadyCare to the Rescue

According to the British Menopause Society, “there continue to be availability issues with many HRT products related to manufacturing shortages or supply issues”. If you are a woman who is struggling to access HRT because of the shortages we can offer an alternative solution that could help.  Many women all over the world choose LadyCare […]

Ladycare Menopause Magnet

Things to Remember When Wearing your LadyCare

Before you start wearing LadyCare, check that you are aware of these important elements. You must wear your LadyCare in-line with these guidelines if you want to see benefits from the device. 71% of women will benefit from a reduction in menopause symptoms when wearing the device.

50 great things about being 50 years old

50 Fabulous Things About Turning 50!

Are you dreading turning 50? Well, there’s absolutely no need, if you ever needed a reason to embrace your 50th birthday here’s 1.. And 49 others!

LadyCare Device in Box

The Incredible Power of LadyCare Plus+

The LadyCare Plus+ has been successfully redesigned to combat symptoms of menopause for women that suffer from higher levels of stress. We are so excited by the feedback we’ve received from women praising LadyCare Plus+, that we had to make it this week’s feature!

Things you need to know about Perimenopause

How Do You Know if You’re Going Through Perimenopause?

Perimenopause is the period leading up to menopause in which your hormones (estrogen and progesterone) start to deplete. This period could last for weeks, months or years. There is no way to predict how long your own perimenopausal stage will last, or when it will begin, but there are ways to determine if you’re currently […]

mental health

Menopause & Mental Health

Menopause can be an extremely testing time in any woman’s life. We’ve all heard of the dreaded mood swings that are associated with menopause. The reality is, menopause is like a rollercoaster of a journey; there are ups and there are downs. A high number of women over the age of 45 suffer from anxiety, […]

Beat the Winter Sniffles Before It Strikes

Beat the Winter Sniffles Before It Strikes

Most of us just accept that at some point over the Winter, we will inevitably catch a cold. We almost resign ourselves to this fact and don’t actually try to take preventative measures against it. Okay, so maybe we steer clear of our friends when they’ve got a case of a bunged up nose, but […]

Moodmaker Can Help Enhance Your Sex Life

Moodmaker Is Here to Enhance Your Sex Life

Up to 75% of women between the ages of 45 to 58 report a significant drop in sexual arousal during both menopause and perimenopause. Phew, breathe a sigh of relief… what you’re going through is completely normal! If you’ve seriously lost your sex drive and now you’re missing that flare in the bedroom, don’t worry, […]

Learn How LadyCare Makes You Feel Like You’re no Longer Menopausal

LadyCare Makes You Feel Like You’re no Longer Menopausal

Many women don’t actually like to talk about menopause. For some it can be a very embarrassing topic, especially if they are suffering quite badly. More specifically, embarrassment can often be felt around the workplace, or when out socialising with friends.

NICE Clinical Guidelines On LadyCare Device

NICE Clinical Guidelines & the LadyCare Device

To coincide with the NICE clinical guidelines which have recently been published, we want to remind you about LadyCare; a totally drug-free device which has helped almost a million of women suffering from menopause.

How Water helps on Hot Flushes

Reduce Hot Flushes and Safeguard Your Skin with Water

As most menopausal women know, hot flushes are one of the most annoying and uncomfortable symptoms of menopause and over 75% of women in menopause experience them. They can hit any time, even while you sleep, and can last from seconds to several minutes or up to an hour.

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