HRT Crisis – LadyCare to the Rescue

According to the British Menopause Society, “there continue to be availability issues with many HRT products related to manufacturing shortages or supply issues”.

If you are a woman who is struggling to access HRT because of the shortages we can offer an alternative solution that could help. 

Many women all over the world choose LadyCare because they do not want to go on hormone replacement therapy. Many other women choose to wear LadyCare alongside HRT. We cannot advise on what is best for you individually, but we can recommend trying our natural device in light of this crisis. 

LadyCare has been proven to reduce symptoms in up to 86% of women for up to 24 different symptoms of menopause and perimenopause. The device works by rebalancing the ANS (autonomic nervous system) which is offset during hormonal reduction. LadyCare uses magnetic therapy, but it is not simply just a magnet. The device is composed of a unique directional device and a very powerful force that has been tested and refined. We have found the optimal power with LadyCare Plus+ and we’re exceptionally proud to offer this product to women across the globe. 

As well as being natural, other benefits to wearing LadyCare Plus+ include:

  • A one-off purchase and at least 5 years full power.
  • LadyCare is backed and recommended by doctors who are experts in their field.
  • Gives you back control 
  • Can be worn during perimenopause too

Things to remember when wearing LadyCare Plus+:

  • The device must be worn 24/7 and only removed for bathing/showering
  • The device must be worn for a minimum of 3 months before assessing the results. If you forget to wear LadyCare for a few days, you should start the 3 months again. 

Our reviews speak for themselves. Real stories from real women who consider LadyCare to be their savior. However, it’s important to note that LadyCare will not work for everyone. Everyone is different, and everyone has a unique menopause experience. If you have any questions about LadyCare please call our helpline during weekdays between 9am and 2pm 01179710710.

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