How Water helps on Hot Flushes

Reduce Hot Flushes and Safeguard Your Skin with Water

As most menopausal women know, hot flushes are one of the most annoying and uncomfortable symptoms of menopause and over 75% of women in menopause experience them. They can hit any time, even while you sleep, and can last from seconds to several minutes or up to an hour.

Believe it or not, water can come to the rescue of this uncomfortable condition. Drinking at least eight glasses of water per day can reduce the onset of hot flushes. Since most hot flushes occur at night, it is a good idea to keep a jug of water by the bed.

You might also consider replacing carbonated beverages with water, as carbonated drinks increase bloating. Hot drinks should also be avoided.

Water Moisturises Your Skin

Water not only hydrates your inner organs, it also helps to hydrate your skin. As dry skin is associated with menopause, drinking more water is a great way to help moisturise your skin. While moisturisers also help the skin to retain its softness, adding more water to your daily diet will amplify its benefits.

If bottled water is not your “cup of tea,” opt for a reasonably priced water filter pitcher, or have a water filter system installed in your home.

Whichever way you choose to get your fill, water is a great health benefit during this time of life and healthy for your budget too.

Further Methods for Reducing Hot Flushes

Apart from being uncomfortable, hot flushes can be quite irritating and affect your mood. Below are some further tips on how to best relieve hot flushes.

  • For immediate relief, practice deep, slow and controlled breathing as the hot flush occurs.
  • Studies have shown that hot flushes are worse in women who are overweight. If you feel this might apply to you, shedding a few pounds may help in reducing hot flushes as studies have shown they are worse in overweight women. Try introducing some daily exercise into your routine, not only will this help with weight gain, but exercise also has a number of other benefits where menopause is concerned.
  • Avoid foods and beverages that could trigger the onset of hot flushes. These include caffeine, alcohol and spicy meals. Try to identify the ones that affect you and avoid or reduce your intake. Here are a few foods that can help with menopause symptoms that might be worth checking out.
  • Dressing appropriately will help relieve the flushes. Try to dress in light clothes if the weather is warm. If you feel the cold, dress in layers that can be easily removed.
  • Use fans and air conditioners. Keeping a small battery fan in your bag can come in handy should a hot flush occur when you are in an area without temperature control.

Thousands of women have significantly reduced their hot flushes from several a day to almost none with the help of LaBalance. The LaBalance device is designed to re-balance the autonomic nervous system that is responsible for those unbearable menopause symptoms.

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