Ladycare Menopause Magnet

Things to Remember When Wearing your LadyCare

Before you start wearing LadyCare, check that you are aware of these important elements. You must wear your LadyCare in-line with these guidelines if you want to see benefits from the device. 71% of women will benefit from a reduction in menopause symptoms when wearing the device.

Attach Your LadyCare Correctly

The LadyCare device has two parts which clip together. The larger pear shaped part of the device should be worn against your skin on the inside of your underwear roughly 4 inches below the navel and one inch off centre. Don’t worry too much about the exact number of inches, this is just a rough guideline. The round button should clip on to the outer side of your underwear and stay in place using the magnetic connection.

If you lose the round button part of the device please do not use a DIY replacement, there are important components in both the pear-shaped part of the device and the round button. The button contains a unique directional device that focuses an increased power directly to the parasympathetic receptor in the pelvic area.

Always Wear LadyCare 24/7

This is an absolutely crucial step to seeing success with LadyCare. You must wear the device 24/7 including when you go to bed. Even skipping just one or two days of wear can set you back, particularly in the first few months of use.

The only time you should remove your device is when showering/bathing or if you go swimming. The LadyCare does have a water-tight seal but we advise you remove it when swimming to avoid loss. Some women who prefer to sleep without underwear find that a little bit of body tape can keep the device in place. However, ideally you should wear the device in the same way at night, as you would in the day; firmly attached to your underwear.

The Importance of the First 3 Months

When you start wearing LadyCare for the very first time the device needs chance to re-balance your ANS (autonomic nervous system). For some women this can happen very quickly and after just a few days or weeks of wearing LadyCare many women report benefits already. However, we are all made different! For many other women it can take the full 3 months of 24/7 wear before you will notice any results. If you have been wearing your LadyCare for a few weeks and you’re still suffering, do not give up and do not skip days of wear (remember the 24/7 rule).

Choose LadyCare Plus+

LadyCare Plus+ is a stronger version of the original LadyCare device. It was originally designed for women who suffer from higher levels of stress. In circumstances where stress is ongoing (over several weeks/months) and very intense, this type of stress can sometimes override the balancing effects of the standard device. To combat this problem we created LadyCare Plus+. Since the launch of the Plus+ it has truly surpassed all of our expectations. The majority of women are now purchasing the Plus+ rather than the standard device. With this in mind, we will be discontinuing the standard LadyCare sometime in the near future.

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