Learn How LadyCare Makes You Feel Like You’re no Longer Menopausal

LadyCare Makes You Feel Like You’re no Longer Menopausal

Many women don’t actually like to talk about menopause. For some it can be a very embarrassing topic, especially if they are suffering quite badly. More specifically, embarrassment can often be felt around the workplace, or when out socialising with friends.

What we’ve discovered over the years, is that LadyCare makes women feel as though they are no longer in menopause. It opens the conversation and women feel like they can finally talk about it, because those embarrassing symptoms have stopped, or have been significantly reduced.

Embarrassment in the Workplace

There are many scenarios where dealing with menopause in the workplace is a challenge. If you work in an office you might find the temperature is never quite right, you end up hiding out at your desk as you experience hot flush after hot flush. Meetings can be even worse, especially if you’re feeling self-conscious about drawing attention to yourself. If you work in a customer facing role, there generally isn’t anywhere to hide, which can cause further anxiety when you feel a hot flush starting to rise. Over the years we’ve had endless reports from women who work in health care, in the police force, in supermarkets, in offices and just about everywhere… who say exactly the same thing. You are not alone.

Early Menopause Embarrassment

The age at which you begin noticing signs of perimenopause differs from woman to woman. When it happens earlier than you expected, before your friends of a similar age it can often be embarrassing to talk about. This is a normal reaction, particularly if you feel too young to be perimenopausal. In this case, it’s important to remember that not everyone will experience noticeable symptoms of early perimenopause. Your peers could well be perimenopausal too, without realising it.

LadyCare Offers a Solution

At LadyCare we completely understand the struggles you go through, even those that many women don’t want to share. That’s why our device is discreet and non-invasive, it simply clips onto the front of your under garments. LadyCare could be just what you’ve been looking for, a completely natural solution that has been proven to help up to 71% of women with up to 24 different symptoms of menopause.

Something we are passionate about here at LadyCare, is getting more women to talk openly about menopause. This creates a much better support system and slowly starts to take the ‘taboo’ out of the topic. Menopause after all, is something that every woman will go through, there is nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed about when discussing it with friends. We often start discussions around menopause on our Facebook and Twitter pages, please feel free to join in the conversation and help more women feel at ease.

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