4 Not Common Signs of Perimenopause

Four Less Common Signs of Perimenopause

Hot flushes, mood swings and weight gain. These are some symptoms of both perimenopause and menopause you’ve no doubt heard of. It’s easy to learn what’s going on when your body is going through text-book signs of the aging process. When symptoms don’t quite seem to fit your standard expectations of the change, it doesn’t mean they’re not normal. Let’s take a look at some of the less common, more unusual parts of perimenopause.


There is nothing worse than struggling to sleep. It has a knock-on effect on every other aspect of your life. Hormonal changes are the number one reason you can’t sleep like you once did. This can manifest in two ways; a struggle to fall asleep or an inability to stay asleep once you’ve dropped off. Both are equally problematic and result in sleep deprivation. Insomnia is typically the cause of suffering from other perimenopause/menopause symptoms. For example, night sweats, anxiety or depression can all impact on sleep. Stress tends to be the number one reason women struggle with sleep during this period in their lives.

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness isn’t really an unusual symptom. In fact, it’s very common. The reason we’ve included it here, is because it’s not talked about as much. As a result, many women feel as though it is unusual to experience vaginal dryness before they are fully menopausal. If you’ve noticed that things are starting to dry up and intercourse is becoming painful, you should consider using a lubrication. Of course, LaBalance has also been reported to help, find out more here.

Depression & Anxiety

Again, depression and anxiety are unfortunately very common occurrences. Mental health is a growing concern for our aging population as well as the younger generation. However, women don’t typically anticipate depression during perimenopause. In most cases perimenopausal women can be quite a few years away from becoming fully menopausal. Hormonal changes can contribute to it, but often it’s actually a result of life’s stresses. For example, insomnia can cause frustration, lack of energy and lead to depression/anxiety. Changes in the body can cause low self-esteem and again, as a result, anxiety.

Loss of Breast Fullness

We all know gravity takes hold of our assets more and more as we approach older age. The tissue in our breasts loses structure and because of that the firmness and fullness we once had begins to diminish. During perimenopause you might find this is suddenly more noticeable, as the reduction in estrogen causes the skin to become less elastic as well as dryer.

LaBalance is just as effective for defense against symptoms of perimenopause, as it is for menopause. In a study, LaBalance was found to help for up to 71% of women, with up to 24 different symptoms . Perimenopause can occur as early as the mid forties, so if you’ve started to suffer with typical signs and symptoms, you might want to consider purchasing a LaBalance device to combat them.

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