Menopause Suffering For Some Woman

Testimonials for Labalance

The new LaBalance represents a revolutionary breakthrough in reducing symptoms of menopause 24/7, including perimenopause, hysterectomy and oophorectomy. Loved by thousands of women worldwide we wanted to share a few of the many testimonials we receive every month. Try LaBalance for yourself. Thank you so much for this magical device Hi LaBalance, I had to […]

What is LadyCare Plus?

What is LadyCare?

LadyCare is a natural solution for reducing or, (in some cases) completely eliminating symptoms of menopause and perimenopause. LadyCare has been supporting women since 2005 and sells products all over the world to women who are suffering through this challenging time in their lives.  The LadyCare Plus device is worn against the body, discreetly attached […]

LadyCare menopause

How LadyCare Relieves Menopause Symptoms

Women go through a lot throughout their lives. Physically and mentally. Puberty hits us and our bodies are suddenly flooded with new reproductive hormones. Later down the line pregnancy changes the game for those who choose Motherhood. Finally we approach menopause, this and menopause symptoms can be the most difficult changes we encounter. A permanent […]

Change in Breasts Because of Menopause

Is Menopause Making My Breasts Change?

If you think your breasts look and feel a little differently now that you’re in menopause, you’re not imagining it! Even if you’re approaching menopause, breast changes can happen during this time as well.

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4 Major Signs You Need to Slow Down

Life will always catch up with us every now and then. There is so much happening around us all the time and we’re constantly being pulled in several different directions, all at once. Add technology into that equation and we quite literally never turn off! It’s so important to take a break every now and […]

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Menopause: The Symptoms you Don’t Expect

When we think of menopause, it’s always the most common symptoms that get the spotlight. Hot flushes and mood swings are two of the most well-known symptoms of both perimenopause and menopause. They are the ones we joke about with our friends and feel most comfortable chatting about. What about the many other symptoms? Perhaps […]

What Triggers Hot Flush?

Hot Flush Triggers

If you’ve ever experienced a hot flush, you will know just how embarrassing and troublesome they can be. The occasional hot flush here or there, although not ideal, is manageable. However, during menopause hot flushes can happen up to 40 times a day in some cases. This can have a significant impact on your quality […]

4 Not Common Signs of Perimenopause

Four Less Common Signs of Perimenopause

Hot flushes, mood swings and weight gain. These are some symptoms of both perimenopause and menopause you’ve no doubt heard of. It’s easy to learn what’s going on when your body is going through text-book signs of the aging process. When symptoms don’t quite seem to fit your standard expectations of the change, it doesn’t […]

Things You Need To Know About Perimenopause

Perimenopause: Period Pains, Bloating & More

Are you nearing menopause, yet occasionally experience symptoms as if you were menstruating, such as period type cramps or bloating? It’s not actually that uncommon and it’s definitely nothing to worry about unless you are experiencing ongoing pain or you have an underlying health issue.

Control Menopausal Mood Swings

Menopausal Mood Swings – How to Get Them Under Control

When we think of mood swings we often associate them with teenagers hitting puberty as their hormones change. Menopause is the same concept, your hormones are changing yet again and your body is off-balanced once more. Mood swings are a very common symptom of menopause and perimenopause, they can last years and affect your well-being […]

Let's Talk About Night Sweats

Symptoms in the Spotlight: Night Sweats

If you suffer from night sweats, then you will know just what it’s like to wake up with your bed sheets and bed clothes soaking wet. It’s uncomfortable, embarrassing and disruptive to your sleep. Night sweats can be the worst part of menopause and even peri-menopause for many women for those exact reasons. No one […]

Vaginal Dryness & Overactive Bladder

Symptoms In the Spotlight: Vaginal Dryness & Overactive Bladder

We asked you on Twitter which symptom we should feature in our next ‘symptoms in the spotlight’ and as a result this week we are going to look at vaginal dryness and developing an overactive bladder as a result of menopause.

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