Life changes once you reach 50

Four Ways Your Life Changes When You Hit 50

In many ways turning 50 is just another number and life goes on as it did before. On the other hand, turning 50 can bring about a lot of anxiety. It’s the point at which many women feel as though their best years are over. Of course, this isn’t true at all, but it doesn’t stop us feeling that way when it happens, even for a brief moment. The truth is, things do change as we reach our fifties, but it’s not all bad! Whether you’ve already reached 50, or even if you’re a long way off you might enjoy reading these four ways your life changes as you age.

You Stop Caring What Other People Think

Now it’s not as if it happens suddenly. It’s not as if one morning you wake up and all of a sudden you don’t mind how others perceive you. A part of us will always care about what other people think, the thing is, as we get older, we only care about the opinions of those people that actually matter. For some of us, this starts much earlier than 50, but it can be a turning point as we let go of previous attitudes. Attitudes that we starting harbouring in our twenties and somehow carried through into our thirties.

You Start to Value Your Time More

If you’ve been full-steam ahead in your career and work-life since your early twenties, you now might be re-considering how you spend your time. Retirement might be a long way off, or early retirement might now be on the horizon. Family time, which has always been extremely valuable becomes even more special. Your children are probably leaving the nest and your role in their lives is changing to a different kind of parental support.

Your Health Becomes A Priority

Many of us are in denial that we need to make lifestyle adjustments until it’s too late. Thankfully, a significant birthday like this can give us the kick up the backside that we so desperately need. We start to look after ourselves a little more as each year passes; getting enough exercise, eating better, drinking less and knowing our physical limits. Just a few small changes can have a lasting impact in the long-run.

Your Body Will Start to Change

It’s inevitable that as you approach and reach menopause your body will change. Weight gain, poor skin tone and weakened bones are a natural occurrence. Menopause will not necessarily begin as you turn 50. It could happen a few years before or after, but it’s typically around this time. What many women don’t realise, is that they are already going through perimenopause in the years that lead up to this. We recommend you wear a LaBalance device throughout perimenopause and menopause, to relieve or completely eliminate any discomforting symptoms. In addition to this, the Nutricell one-a-day supplement will help support bone strength and heart, breast and vein health to name just a few.

In terms of changes, ageing brings about both emotional and physical changes. Sometimes all we need to remember is that it’s not uncommon to feel the way you are feeling. You don’t need to feel like a crazy wife, mother, or sister (insert relationship here) and you are certainly not alone in how you are feeling.

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