Enjoying a Flush Free Christmas

How to Have a Flush-Free Christmas

Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year! So the last thing you want, on Christmas day, (or any of the Xmas period for that matter) is to have it ruined by hot flushes! If you’re on Christmas dinner duties you’ll already be spending a significant amount of time in a hot kitchen. As any woman who suffers from hot flushes will know, being in a hot environment on top of that is just hell!

Drink Lots of Water

We can’t stress this one enough! Even if you think you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day, the chances are you’re not consuming enough. Keep a glass or bottle of water near you throughout the day. If you go out in the car, take a bottle with you. If you work at a desk have it in front of you. Seeing it constantly there will remind you to drink, drink, drink!

Water helps the body in the process of detoxification, there are so many benefits to getting more water in your body. Staying hydrated improves the appearance of your skin, it helps reduce inflammation of your joints. It reduces constipation and improves energy as well as a very important reduction in hot flushes!


LaBalance is a unique device that is used by over half a million women in the UK alone. It’s designed to reduce menopause symptoms by re-balancing the ANS (autonomic nervous system). The reduction in hormones that occur as a result of menopause causes the ANS to become unbalanced. We believe it’s this imbalance that results in all menopause symptoms, including hot flushes! 71% of women who wear LaBalance notice an improvement in up to 24 different symptoms of menopause.

LaBalance has been described as ‘life-changing’ and women have reported huge reductions in hot flushes or the complete elimination of them from their lives. The great news is that you only have to purchase the device once and it retains full power for at least 5 years.

Please note: LaBalance must be worn 24/7 for a minimum of 3 months before you can assess the full benefits. Many women report benefits with a few days or weeks. For others, it can take up to the full 3 months to re-balance the ANS and start controlling those symptoms. The device must be worn constantly.

Dress Wisely

Cotton clothing is a naturally breathable material and it’s not just for Summer either! In Winter you want to wear clothes that are warm, but that will also let your skin breathe and cool down when hot flushes attack. Avoid wearing synthetic polyester because it has no absorption and does not allow you to cool down when you sweat. Cotton is always a winner.

Cut Back Caffeine

There have been studies which suggest that there is a link between caffeine intake and an increase in menopause-related hot flushes and night sweats. We’re not saying if cut out caffeine you can wave goodbye to these symptoms, but it could be worth reducing your caffeine intake if you’re an avid coffee drinker and struggle with flushes. Don’t forget that even tea contains caffeine, so if you drink a lot of tea the caffeine does add up!

Really, these rules will keep you hot flush free or at least reduce them, throughout the entire year. We just think it’s our duty to spread this message even further in time for Christmas. Have a very Merry Christmas this year and please do let us know if our tips saved your Christmas Day.

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