New Beginnings After Menopause

Menopause: New Beginnings, New Habits

So many women consider menopause to be an ending to a chapter in their lives. We want to encourage women to see menopause as a new beginning. As one chapter ends, another one inevitably begins that’s full of new adventures and more exciting than the next. Through the power of LaBalance, we want women to enjoy everything this new chapter has to offer, instead of fearing it.

As well as this, we think that as you near menopause it’s an ideal time to start making some other beneficial changes. Here are our top 6 changes that could bring about the best results.  

Talk More 

Menopause was once a very taboo topic. It was never openly discussed and not even really talked about between friends or family. Over time there has definitely been a lot more open conversation about menopause, which has helped women in many ways. Despite this, it’s still not talked about as much as it should be. We really want to encourage women to talk more openly about what they’re going through. You will quickly discover that you are not the only one who is suffering. Even those embarrassing and uncomfortable problems like vaginal dryness or night sweats are not uncommon. You might find, that when you start talking more about menopause, relationships are strengthened.

Start Focusing on Nutrition

Food is your fuel and also the door to good health. Bad eating habits will start showing up as bad health eventually. As you enter menopause and your hormones deplete, you become more susceptible to osteoporosis and also heart disease.

Ensuring you get the right amount of dietary calcium in your diet will help prevent osteoporosis. Main sources of calcium come from dairy products, green leafy vegetables, fish and nuts.  

Eating a healthy balanced diet is really all you need to do. This isn’t quite the same as cutting out that extra slice of cake to watch your waistline. It’s making sure all of the vitamins and minerals you need to operate at 100% are part of your daily diet.  

Get Active 

Being physically active every week will also help to reduce the risk of heart diseases, along with a healthy diet. Even brisk walking counts as getting active if you can go on a brisk walk every day you will already be making some very positive changes. Other things you could consider are cycling, swimming or yoga.

The word ‘exercise’ might fill you with dread, but we’re not suggesting you run a marathon every week. We’re not even suggesting you need to get involved with high-intensity exercises. Small changes, light but regular exercise is all that’s necessary to have a positive impact.

Down Time

If you don’t already, be sure to allocate some reflective downtime every week. If the only peace you get is when you take a bath, this is not enough! With our busy schedules, it’s easy to forget to look after selves emotionally. 10 minutes of meditation every morning or evening will allow you the time to clear your mind, focus your mind and reduce both stress and anxiety.

If you’ve made any positive changes since approaching menopause, or you would like to share your experience please head over to our Facebook community and leave a comment on our page. Alternatively, drop us a tweet @LaBalanceusauk.

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