Related Menopause Skin Issues

Menopause Related Skin Issues – Symptoms in the Spotlight

There are so many different symptoms of menopause, each affecting us all differently. We thought it would be beneficial to put one symptom in the spotlight every other week on our blog, and take a further look at what goes on and the steps we can take to reduce the effects. This week we’ve chosen skin related issues and conditions that can develop as a result of menopause. Typically we tend to focus on the most unbearable symptoms and forget those more subtle signs, such as changes in the skin.

What Skin Issues Are Common?

Unfortunately we are faced with skin problems during menopause, as well as hot flushes, mood swings and the other more commonly discussed symptoms. Here are some of the skin issues that often present themselves:

  • wrinkles
  • dry skin
  • flaky skin
  • puffy skin
  • itchy skin
  • acne and breakouts

You might notice some of these skin conditions arising during perimenopause, before you are officially in menopause, this is quite normal. Although we can’t stop the natural aging process when it comes to our skin’s elasticity, we can relieve some of the discomforts. The LaBalance device has also been proven to help with a better skin tone, so do bear this in mind when considering various treatments.

Improve Your Skin During Menopause

Water, water & more water

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day has so many benefits for menopause and many of which we highlighted in this blog post. When it comes to the skin, water keeps it hydrated and moisturised to prevent dry skin from getting worse and flaking off. When the skin is dehydrated you might have more noticeable wrinkles and red patches on the face, as well as drier knees, elbows and arms.


Invest in a good moisturiser to use after showers and baths, as well as a face moisturiser to use at the start of the day, or before applying make-up. If you suffer from an oily t-zone, be sure to look for an oil-free moisturiser. Dry itchy skin caused by menopause can be relieved through regular moisturising.

Anti-aging creams

Wrinkles are an inevitable sign of aging, especially under and around the sides of the eyes. There are fewer oil glands around the eyes, which is one of the reasons wrinkles often appear more prominent in these areas. Look for a good anti-aging product for under your eyes and apply daily.

A lot of women are unaware that perimenopause and menopause can actually cause the opposite of typical dry skin issues and instead some women experience break-outs from the overproduction of oil. It’s almost as if you’re going through puberty for a second time! If you do find yourself in this position, reassess the makeup and cleansing products you currently use. Make sure you are applying products specifically designed for oily sensitive skin and drink plenty of water to flush out the extra oil in the pores.

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