Ways to Fight Signs of Aging

Simple Ways to Combat Signs of Ageing

One thing is for certain; we are all going to age! We can’t stop the ageing process, so we should simply embrace it. Embracing it doesn’t mean we can’t use natural things to our advantage though. Here are some ways to prevent premature signs of ageing.

Protect Your Skin

If you’re going out in the sun, always remember to wear protection. A high factor suncream of at least factor 50 is advisable. If like to wear a little foundation or BB cream on your face, be sure to choose one that has SPF protection and wear this every time. Wrinkles are the number one sign of ageing and something we want to keep to a minimum. Start looking after your skin as early as possible. If you’ve neglected skincare a little of the years, then don’t worry, better late than never!

Drink More Water

Staying hydrated will also help reduce wrinkles and give your face that glowy smoother look you can only achieve from plenty of water. Many women also report improved skin tone and hair when wearing LaBalance. This is just one of the reasons that women continue to wear their LaBalance device after menopause has ended.

Stop Smoking & Drinking

This one probably comes as no surprise, smoking can seriously add years to our appearance and make us look much older than we really are. The nicotine reduces the oxygen in our skin which leads to more wrinkles. Smokers as young as 20 can be a victim of these premature wrinkles if they have smoked for long enough. Smoking also reduces our vitamin A levels which aid in collagen production. This brings us onto the next tip.

Plenty of Vitamin A & C

Collagen keeps our skin firm, it’s a key nutrient that maintains elasticity, so naturally eating foods high in vitamin A and C can help reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin tone. Beef liver is the very best source of vitamin A. We also get it from milk, eggs, cream and butter. Dark leafy greens like Spinach and Kale are great for both Vitamin C & A. Peppers, Kiwi, Broccoli and berries are also great for Vitamin C.

Regular Exercise

Of course, we couldn’t put this list together without including exercise! Exercise fights depression, aids weight loss and improves the immune system. It also helps to keep your blood pressure and bone density healthy and lowers the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep seems like such a second thought when we’re trying to eat right, exercise and keep our heads above the water. The truth is, quality sleep is vital to almost every element of your life because it directly impacts your health. In a study conducted at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, professor Steve Horvath discovered that women who were not sleeping well were biologically older than women of the same age who were sleeping well.

Natural ways to combat ageing are generally inexpensive, if not free! Exercise can be done at home, whenever, wherever. Getting more sleep seems difficult at first, but if you follow a routine and introduce things slowly, it can be done. All the tips above safe and a much better alternative to surgical procedures or other treatments on offer.

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