How to control weight gain during menopause?

Are You Struggling With Menopausal Weight Gain?

Weight gain, for those of us who aren’t underweight, is never a welcomed prospect. Fighting back once you’ve gained a few pounds is so much harder than prevention. We often lack motivation and we don’t like what we see in the mirror which can add anxiety or depression into the mix. Preventing weight gain is the best way forward, but when menopause hits how can we keep weight gain at bay?

Contrary to popular belief, you can still experience symptoms of menopause in the years leading up to it. This time period is known as perimenopause. For some women perimenopause is equally as difficult and uncomfortable as menopause itself, for others, they might never even know they’re going through it. During this time your hormones are decreasing, but they have not yet stopped completely. Perimenopause is the best time to start taking active steps towards preventing any future weight gain. So, if you’re aged around 45, now is the time to take action.

Start Exercising

Are you, like many of us, someone who visits the gym just once or twice a month? Or someone who signed up last year with the very best intentions, but hasn’t yet stepped foot on a treadmill? Don’t feel bad. Life is busy, work is busy and more often than not, exercise takes a back seat. Up until now you might have got away with it, but it’s more crucial than ever to start regularly exercising at least twice a week to keep your body in shape throughout perimenopause and menopause. If you don’t fancy the gym itself there are plenty of other ways to stay trim. Swimming, walking, cycling or even dance classes. Commit to a routine with a family member or friend to keep you motivated.

Eat For Fuel Not For Taste

Okay… we’ll admit, food has still got to taste good even when it’s healthy! Chances are though, you’re reaching for that chocolate cake because it tastes better than snacking on some nuts. It’s time to strip things back and create your very own nutrition plan. You will be pleased to hear you don’t need to restrict yourself! Don’t leave yourself hungry, all that does is lead to bad cravings and it means you’re not fueling your body correctly. It’s simple really… eat less processed food and more fresh, natural foods. Anything that comes in a wrapper or box is probably a treat, so don’t incorporate ‘treats’ into your everyday diet.

Start Wearing LaBalance

LaBalance, if you don’t know already, is a device designed to reduce or completely eliminate symptoms of menopause. What many women don’t realise at first, is that LaBalance can help with symptoms of perimenopause too. If you’re between the age of 45-50 and you you’re not actually menopausal yet, consider wearing LaBalance anyway to help prevent symptoms from presenting themselves further down the line. LaBalance must be worn 24/7 in all cases.

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