50 Things You Should Know about Menopause

Turning 50, What I Wish I’d Known

Let’s be honest, turning 50 isn’t something any of us look forward to. Rather than embrace it, a lot of women dread their 50th birthday and the changes that start to occur around this time. We’ve got some helpful advice that many women wish they’d known before they reached this age. Some of this might seem obvious, but sometimes we just need reminding when the time is right, to take preventative action and think ahead.

Start Exercising & Eating Right BEFORE You Gain the Weight

As you approach menopause and as you begin to age, in general, weight gain is quite a common occurrence. Rather than waiting until you’ve gained those extra pounds to tackle the problem, start before it happens. Prevention is the best measure. If you’re in your late forties there is no better time to introduce an exercise regime into your weekly schedule.

Eating right comes hand-in-hand with exercise. Cut back on processed choices and learn which foods are helpful for menopause symptoms.

Start Saving Early

Financial stresses never seem to disappear from our life. We spend a large chunk of our twenties, saving for houses, cars, weddings and holidays. We then spend most of our thirties and forties supporting a family. By the time we reach 50 we’re worrying about saving more for our retirement and helping to put something aside to treat the future grandchildren! Saving early is the best thing you can do, start saving before you really need to. Speak to a financial advisor and find out the best place to invest your money, you want to get the most out of every penny.

Perimenopause is Already Well Under Way (LaBalance is a lifesaver)

For some women, perimenopause can start as early as the mid-forties, but as you approach 50, it’s almost certainly begun. If you’re lucky enough not to have had any symptoms it might take you by surprise if you notice your periods have become irregular, few and far between.

Look After Your Skin

Dry and tired skin is another common complaint as we age. Once again, acting early and taking good care of ourselves before we notice problem skin, is the best approach. Stay out of the sun, but always protect the skin with a high SPF sunscreen when you do go out. Even on those days that don’t seem so sunny, regularly wearing sunscreen is recommended. It’s also advisable to keep your skin moisturised by applying a lotion after you take a bath or shower.

Finally, learn to accept change rather than fight it. You will feel different as you get older, but not all change is bad. You’re a wiser more knowledgeable individual. You have a wealth of life experience that can be comforting to others. Perhaps one of the best parts of aging is that you care less about what other people think, as a result, you can live a much happier life.

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