Provide Support Through Menopause

We All Need Support Through Menopause

Like most big challenging changes in life, a supportive partner, family member or friend can make all the difference to your experience and the way in which you deal with something. Menopause is no different, but having a strong support system in place is not something we immediately associate with menopause. Why is this? Possibly because going through the change is natural and inevitable, it’s an expected part of life and often we simply don’t anticipate the fact that we might need support.

An Understanding Partner

Mood swings, night sweats, hot flushes, vaginal dryness… directly or indirectly, your menopause symptoms will impact your partner and your relationship. Having an understanding partner in your life goes a really long way. At times we can seem irrational and the anxieties or stresses that come with it mean we can sometimes be short-tempered, depressed, or lack the energy to do all the things we used to enjoy. Symptoms don’t need to go on forever, the fact that you’ve stumbled upon this blog means we are able to share with you a solution, LaBalance (proven to help up to 71% of women). However support at this stage of your life, whether you are suffering or not generally means a healthier happier life.

Someone Who Can Relate

Knowing you’re not alone in what you’re experiencing and feeling is very reassuring. That saying, that a problem shared is a problem halved… well when you literally share the same problem, that’s even more true! If you’ve got a sister or friend of a similar age, it’s likely you’ll be comparing symptoms and swapping remedies on a regular basis. Just having someone to talk to who can relate to the same things, has been proven to make us feel better. That goes for almost any problem we might be going through. You could also talk to your Mother about her experiences, although you should never assume that you will go through menopause in the same way as a relative, every woman is different and everyone has different levels of various symptoms. Find out why in our blog post, ‘Why Do Some Women Suffer More Than Others During Menopause?’

A Whole Community

Unfortunately menopause is still seen as a taboo subject for many people. This means you might not have someone close to speak with about your experience. However you’re in luck because, one of the things we strive to do here at LaBalance, is create an open and friendly online community and encourage more #menopausetalk among women. Give us a ‘like’ on Facebook where you will see many LaBalance users talking about their experience, or follow us on twitter where women tweet about their symptoms and a range of health related topics. Most of all though, we like to create some fun and humour around what can sometimes be a very testing time in our lives. We also recommend reading our blog post, ‘how laughter helps you through menopause’

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