Woman worrying about menopause

Worried About Menopause?

All women will go through menopause. We all know it’s a natural part of life, so why do so many of us worry about it? Are we worrying about nothing? If you’re reading this article and you’ve not yet gone through menopause, you’re doing the right thing by preparing and learning as much as you can about what will happen to your body.

Whilst it’s never a good thing to spend your time worrying, it’s far better to know what to expect and more importantly, HOW to deal with uncomfortable symptoms. For as many women who worry about ageing, there are just as many who are taken by complete surprise when the difficulty and reality of menopause hit them. Of course, there are the lucky few who breeze through this period, but let’s be honest, that’s quite rare! One of the first signs of perimenopause (the time leading up to menopause) is erratic periods.

If you’re prone to worrying or anxiety and it seems as though no amount of research will put your mind at rest, then try these tips:

Start focusing on nutrition and exercise

Ensure you’ve got a solid diet and are engaging in regular exercise. Get this in order now, in your early forties and your 50-year-old self will thank you!

Start meditating

There are so many unbelievable benefits to meditation. It almost sounds too good to be true, but thousands of people over thousands of years can’t be wrong, right?

Speak to your friends and family

Don’t hide your concerns from your loved ones, even if you feel embarrassed. A problem shared might not be halved, but it certainly feels lighter!

It’s our mission to encourage more discussion around menopause, via social media and directly, face-to-face amongst friends. Talking about our issues and realising that we are not alone is sometimes all it takes to change our outlook. Why should menopause be any different? Why should we feel embarrassed to talk about what is only a natural part of every woman’s life? Why not visit our Facebook page and leave a comment sharing your thoughts or concerns regarding menopause? If you’re new to LaBalance, it’s also a great place to find real women talking about their experience with our device.

The LaBalance device has been described as a ‘life saver’ and a ‘life changer’ by thousands of women who were thrust into multiple hot flushes, dilapidating night sweats and uncontrollable mood swings. However, for those who started wearing LaBalance during perimenopause, many have noticed a much smoother transition with less anxiety. The fact is, if you know you’ve already found something that works as well as LaBalance does, without the need for HRT or other invasive methods, you can sit back and relax. LaBalance is effective at reducing and in some cases, completely eliminating symptoms of both perimenopause and menopause for at least 71% of women. It’s not simply a device that only works for hot flushes or mood swings; it has been proven to effectively combat up to 24 different symptoms of menopause.

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