10 Reasons You Should Use Our Ladycare Menopause Magnet

Although it is a natural part of the ageing process, menopause can trigger a wide range of uncomfortable side effects and symptoms, which may interfere with everyday life. Symptoms such as hot flushes, insomnia, anxiety and lack of concentration can hinder the completion of daily tasks, affect personal relationships and harm overall wellbeing.

In order to counteract these symptoms, a number of menopause treatments are available. These include hormone replacement therapy, herbal remedies and positive lifestyle changes, where each of these may help different women to varying degrees of success.

A further option that can naturally relieve menopausal symptoms is the LaBalance Menopause Magnet from Sassy La Femme. Previously known as LadyCare, this magnetic device was originally invented in 2006, and since then has been a pivotal invention for changing the way women can tackle menopause and menstruation symptoms.

Read on to learn more about LaBalance, with a list of the top ten reasons why you should try it for yourself.

About LaBalance

The LaBalance device is a directional two piece magnet, where it is thought that magnetism can help to restore balance to the nervous system, which in turn relieves menopause symptoms. The device consists of a large disc and a smaller disc which directs the magnetism. The larger piece sits on the inside of your underwear next to the body, where it works best if it is around 4 inches from your belly button. The smaller disc attaches to the outside of your underwear, so that the two pieces combine and stay in place.

It is recommended that you wear the device for 24 hours a day, where if you wish to sleep without underwear, the device can be connected and taped to the skin. It generally takes at least 48 hours to feel the effects of the magnet, where we suggest that you try the product for a full 90 days to see if it makes a difference.

LaBalance can be used to relieve symptoms of perimenopause, menopause and menstruation, where our therapeutic magnet device is thought to improve symptoms for women at all stages of life.

Top 10 Reasons To Use LaBalance

We believe LaBalance presents an exciting treatment alternative for women who are struggling with both menopause and menstruation symptoms. There are numerous benefits of our magnet therapy device, where these include:

  1. Natural Treatment

Medical treatments such as patches, tablets and creams aren’t for everyone. If you’re already taking regular medication for other conditions, or if you prefer a natural lifestyle, then the LaBalance magnet provides you with an effective alternative. Also if you’ve already tried a medical solution that you did not find suitable, then our natural device can provide you with a further option to try out.

  1. Alternative To HRT 

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a popular treatment option for menopause symptoms, where it replaces hormones that are at a lowered level as the body approaches menopause. This can come in the form of a patch, tablet or cream. Although it is effective for some, HRT can cause further problematic symptoms such as headaches, nausea and indigestion. Although LaBalance is not recommended as a direct HRT replacement, it can provide another treatment option or work alongside hormonal treatments.

  1. Perimenopause Natural Treatment

Perimenopause refers to hormonal changes that occur before a woman’s period stops, where this can cause similar symptoms to those experienced during menopause. LaBalance is thought to help relieve these symptoms, where it can contribute to the management of mood swings, headaches and anxiety. The device can then be used from this stage into the menopausal stage, where it may help to improve the overall symptomatic experience of this bodily change.

  1. Improves Sleep

Through the process of magnetic therapy, LaBalance can help to restore your nervous system’s natural equilibrium, which in turn may help to improve a number of menopausal symptoms. Some women suffer from sleeplessness during the menopause, due to increased stress or hot flushes. Using our device may help to boost your sleep, which can improve your overall mood and wellbeing. Making positive lifestyle changes such as taking regular exercise and drinking plenty of water can also help to improve your sleep during the menopause.

  1. Relieves PMT Symptoms

Premenstrual Tension (PMT), also known as Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) describes the symptoms that can occur in the two weeks before your period. These can include mood swings, stomach pain, fatigue and appetite changes. LaBalance can help to relieve these symptoms, in addition to being used for menopause symptom relief. The magnet can be applied in the same way, where users can feel effects after the first 48 hours. If LaBalance works for you, then this can improve your monthly experience of your menstrual cycle, providing a boost to your quality of life.

  1. Cost-Effective Investment

Because our magnet is designed to last, you only need to make a one-time purchase. The device is then yours for as long as you need it, where it is built to retain its magnetism for a minimum of two years. Investing in one of our devices means that you don’t have to waste money trying out lots of different remedies or buying replacement products. 

  1. Waterproof

As all the seams of the LaBalance device are fully sealed, it is entirely waterproof, and can be worn in all weathers. This means that you don’t have to think about the device as you go about your day, allowing you to wear it consistently in order to feel the full effects. Whilst the magnet can be worn during exercise, it is recommended to remove it during a swim, to prevent accidental loss of either part.

  1. Easily Wearable

Our magnetic device is designed to be worn with ease, where it simply attaches to your underwear. The wearability of the magnet means that you don’t have to think about the device while you’re out and about – it will sit comfortably under your clothes all day without needing to be changed or adjusted. It can be applied without worrying about medical specifications or technical difficulties, where there are no ill-effects to avoid through precise usage.

  1. Safe To Use

One of the key benefits of using the LaBalance Menopause Magnet is that it won’t cause you to experience any side effects, and is entirely harmless to use on a daily basis. The device is safe to use alongside other treatments and medicines, as you don’t have to worry about conflicting active ingredients in your body. Our magnet is also a safe way to manage symptoms following a hysterectomy or if you’ve undergone cancer treatment. Additionally, if you’re unhappy with the product, you can stop using it straight away without worrying about consulting a medical professional or managing withdrawal symptoms.

  1. Portable

The LaBalance device is entirely portable, where each product comes complete with a handy travel bag. It doesn’t need to be charged and there are no batteries to replace, meaning you never have to worry about the device becoming inactive. The included travel pouch can be used for storing the device or for keeping it safe if you remove the magnet to shower or go for a swim. Although it is easy to store and transport, we do recommend that you wear the magnet device as consistently as possible to feel its full impact.

Sassy La Femme: Helping You To Restore Balance To Your Body

The LaBalance Menopause Magnet could help you to transform your experience of menopause or menstruation symptoms. Each magnet comes with a full money back guarantee, where you can return the product to us for a complete refund if you’re not satisfied with the results after 90 days. If you lose or misplace your button, you can also purchase a replacement from our website. 

Peruse our FAQ page to learn more about the LaBalance Menopause Magnet, where you can also take a look at our impressive LadyCare magnet reviews, where our customers provide anecdotal support for the device’s positive effect. Contact us today if you’d like to ask for more information about magnet therapy, or to order your LaBalance device.

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