Menopause Help: An Accessible Guide To Menopause Treatment

Let’s clear the air. Menopause is not a scary reality on the horizon like some of the media will tell you. With the right treatment and a good mindset, this change in your life can be made far easier. There’s no denying that navigating the hectic market and the myriad of products can be tricky. Though doing this will make this process a great deal easier and you can focus on the most important thing, looking after yourself. In this blog, we’re going to shine a light on menopause treatment to try and make this stage in your life a little clearer. 

Hormone-based treatments 

There are a wide variety of hormone-based treatments available on the market today and many of these will be the first things that your GP or doctor will offer you. There is HRT which, essentially, replaces the hormones which you have lost by taking tablets. HRT stands for hormone replacement therapy. 

One of the main symptoms of menopause is a noticeable decrease in overall sex drive. While it is true that HRT can improve this for many people, sometimes you may require some further help. Currently, this treatment is not licensed to be used in women through the NHS. So, those looking to learn more about testosterone gel would have to approach a private doctor.  

One additional key symptom of menopause pain is dryness in or around the vagina. Sometimes this dryness may also lead to uncomfortable itching as well. Most GPs in the UK will prescribe oestrogen to treat this issue.  

Herbal treatment 

Like many things, there are a variety of different herbal remedies available today which have mixed reviews on their success. After the rise of social media treatment like this has started to get far more coverage there is no denying that many women across the globe have testified to the success of herbal remedies. Black Cohosh, for example, has had the ability to treat some people’s hot flushes and mood swings. While Red Clover has plant-based oestrogen compounds within it. 

Magnetic therapy 

Magnet therapy essentially involves pressing magnets against the body to alleviate pains and other symptoms involved with menopause. While you may have never heard of this treatment before, it has actually been used for hundreds of years and it has been proven to work for some women today. 

Here at Sassy Le Femme, we offer a testified magnetic therapy option to help with your symptoms. We are highly experienced in the industry and are dedicated to helping you through this process. So, get in touch with us today to speak with our knowledgeable and friendly staff about your magnetic therapy journey. 

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