Exercises To Do During Menopause

Light Exercises to Help Through Menopause

Exercise doesn’t have to mean grueling visits to the gym or intense hour-long workouts. There are plenty of lighter options that can help support you through menopause. Osteoporosis (a reduction in bone mass) is a real risk as we go through the change, but the right types of exercise can increase bone and muscle strength, to prevent osteoporosis. Exercise is also the best natural antidepressant so if you’re feeling low there really is nothing better, or quicker! If you’ve been put off signing up to the gym or heading for that Zumba class, don’t feel bad. There are plenty of light exercises you can do at home that can bring about equal benefits.


Yoga is a combination of meditating and adopting different postures and positions. It has a huge range of benefits, increasing muscle strength and flexibility as well as aiding weight loss, and improving circulation. The best part, you don’t even need to go to a yoga class! Thanks to the internet, you can find numerous explanation videos on YouTube. You can’t beat learning at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

Brisk Walks

Walking has got to be one of the best ways to exercise. You get to explore new places, new cities or even just your local area, whilst burning calories! Even walking a dog twice a day is ideal for introducing more walking into your life. Don’t have a dog? Offer to walk a friend or neighbour’s pet instead.

Simple Stretches

If you’ve ever done a more intense workout, you’re probably familiar with a ‘warm up’ or a ‘warm down’. It usually consists of a series of stretches; reaching down to your toes, running on the spot etc,. These types of 10-minute stints don’t need to be confined to the start of a vigorous workout. Introduce 10 minutes of stretches into your day for a simple, but effective way to get your quota of exercise.

Bike Rides

A bike is a brilliant investment, not just for enjoying those summer weekends, but also for your health. Although cycling mainly focuses on your leg muscles, you’re working your entire body too. An average sized person biking for just one hour can burn roughly 650 calories. If you can grab 20 minutes on a bike just 2-3 times a week, your body will thank you. Live close to work? Why not switch up your commute and cycle instead?

Many of us have sedentary office-based jobs. This constant level of inactivity means exercise is even more vital to our health. If you can, a combination of the exercises mentioned above would be best. Take a walk once every other day, try a short bike ride on the weekend and have a go at some yoga positions when you get a spare 15 minutes.

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