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+ FREE spare button device “button” & Travel Pouch inc. FREE P&P

feel the benefits

Trials have indicated 7 out of 10 users may benefit from LaBalance magnetism. In the first couple of weeks of wearing LaBalance, for a small number of wearers, it may stimulate minor body adjustments such as headaches or nausea which shows it’s working. This happened to Angela, owner of LaBalance. She was advised to “stick with it” and is glad she did as she is now completely debilitating menopause symptom-free.  She has her life back, lost menopause weight gain, has even more energy than before, and now sleeps like a baby.

Revitalise & Reset

  • Anxiety – Calm
  • Sleep – Peaceful
  • PMT – Balance
  • Perimenopause – Harmony
  • Menopause – Equilibrium

what to expect

When you are open-minded and willing to try it, you purchase includes:
– LaBalance magnetic device
– A spare directional button, as we know you love a spare
– A handy discrete travel pouch
– Information on how easy it is to wear LaBalance 24/7 for 90 days to allow LaBalance the best opportunity to rebalance you
– Details on how to activated your 90 day no quibble money back guarantee
– A complimentary 3 day reset cleanse plan should you wish to begin prior to starting to wear your LaBalance
– A symptom tracker for you to track your LaBalance journey
– An invitation for you to join Facebook group where you can chat to fellow LaBalance wearers and share your genuine experiences

Find inspirational LaBalance reviews

You can read our shining testimonials! hearing it from real people whose lives it has changed. This is the best evidence you could have to show LaBalance magnetism really does work – hearing it from real people whose lives it has changed.

90-day money back Guarantee

Case studies have indicated 7 out of 10 users may benefit from LaBalance magnetism. And if unfortunately, it doesn’t help you, we are sorry, and it’s why we offer our no quibble, 90-day, money back guarantee. To activate our guarantee remember to register your purchase within the first 14 days of receiving. Facebook community

We’d like to welcome you to join our Facebook community, where you’ll meet fellow LaBalance wearers and share your LaBalance journeys. We will also be adding other LaBalance wellbeing benefits shortly so watch this space.

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90 Day Moneyback Promise: 90 Days

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About LaBalance
Advice & FAQ's

LaBalance is a small powerful directional two-piece magnetic device which easily attaches comfortably to your undies. LaBalance uses magnetism to relieve symptoms, Magnetism is not a new therapy. Indeed it has been reputedly used for thousands of years to alleviate pain and suffering across a whole range of ailments.

Our testimonials are probably our strongest evidence of the power of this product. whilst we cannot explain a precise explanation of the relationship between the Autonomic Nervous System and magnestism, science tells us there is one. How it works is a mystery. Our testimonies tell us this device has helped our wearers claim partial or full relief from their menopausal symptoms.

You wear it all day and all night. Frankly it’s so neat and comfy you’ll forget it’s even there.

With your LaBalance purchase we include not only the innovative magnetic device and two directional ‘buttons’, but also a handy travel pouch for use on the go. Manufactured and supplied by Sassy La Femme, it will remain both discrete and easy to use. Testimonies have told us that the functional device provides relief from a range of symptoms at every stage of womanhood, from the start of periods, right up to completing menopause.

Wearers tell us for some it can eliminates all their symptoms. In others it may be less dramatic but still significant, making a positive impact on their experiences, and helping them through the day.