What to do if you feel less like your old self?

Feeling Less & Less Like Your Old Self?

It’s a strange feeling, but one that perhaps you might relate to. It can be an almost out of body experience, looking at the person you are today and feeling out of touch with who that person is. Of course, it comes from within. Despite any physical changes you might be going through, it truly is a mentality.

This is a feeling that can happen at any point in our lives, but adding menopause into the mix can make it even more likely. Menopause can leave us feeling like a completely different person; anxiety and mood swings can make us feel out of control. Physical symptoms such as hot flushes, vaginal dryness, low libido and weight gain also have a huge impact on the way we view ourselves. So how can you get back in touch with the real you, despite menopause?

What Can You Do?

Tackle Symptoms:

If you are struggling through menopause, start by trying to relieve any symptoms that are having a significant impact on your life. We created a 100% natural and safe device called LaBalance. LaBalance is worn discreetly, attached to the undergarments and you learn exactly how it works here. There are, of course, other steps you can take to address symptoms such as weight gain or vaginal dryness.

Try to remember that menopause is completely natural and every other woman of a similar age will go through the same thing. It’s easy to forget this and feel like one of the ‘unlucky ones’, but really the symptoms you’re experiencing are so common.

Old Hobbies:

Sadly, as we age many of us lose touch with the things we were once really passionate about. A hobby that once filled your life with joy, might only be a memory now. But why should it be? Do the reasons you stopped that hobby still apply? In a lot of cases, we take a break from a hobby for one specific reason. Years afterwards it can be a challenge to get back in touch with it. However, in doing so something amazing usually happens. We start to connect with our truest version of ourselves.


We’ve spoken about meditation many times on our blog. It’s such a simple activity but the benefits can be life-changing. It’s one of the best ways to reconnect with your true inner self. It’s ideal for reducing anxiety and training your mind to deal with stress in a healthy way. A clear mind is all often all we need.

Find A Person:

We all need a person to turn to when we feel low. Even if you’re one of those people who like to keep things bottled up, it’s time to find a person to turn to. When you feel lost, it’s other people that can help us re-connect. Don’t feel guilty if that person isn’t your significant other.

They key thing to remember is that you are still you. No matter what life throws at you, no matter what changes have occurred, the person you are is the person you have always been. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of that.

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