LadyCare Ladies Share Their Menopause Stories

LadyCare Ladies Share Their Menopause Stories

This month we held a Facebook competition and invited all our wonderful LadyCare customers to leave their stories on our Facebook page, with the chance of winning a hotel stay for two in London. We were completely overwhelmed with all the amazing entries we received. Reading the stories and chatting with some of you, it was wonderful to see how many of you felt like LadyCare had really changed your lives, or made a huge difference in your life during menopause.

We wanted to share some of the stories that weren’t selected as winners’ but were still brilliant and will hopefully help to spread the message of LadyCare to more women who are suffering.

“I have been using Ladycare now for 3 years, and it has made a massive difference. My night sweats and hot flushes have stopped, and Ii can sleep at night. My moods also seem to have stabilised, I am on a more even keel now. Who would have thought such a little device can make such a huge impact? I wouldn’t go without it, and I recommend it to all my friends who speak about struggling with menopause symptoms” – Caz

“Having had a Hysterectomy at 40 and taking HRT for more than 20 years, the medical advice was suddenly to stop HRT if you have taken it for more than 5 years. My doctor said yes, come off it now and I was thrown into hot flushes, the like of which only other women would understand. I went from a young looking confident 61 year old, to a mess, in about a month. Struggled to exist really. My doctor said grit your teeth it won’t last forever. I was really unhappy, depressed and not able to function. A nurse at my doctors practise was doing flu jabs, I said I didn’t want the flu on top of the awful symptoms of menopause. Oh she said, poor you. Try one of these.. she pulled down her waistband and showed me the LadyCare magnet.. I had never even heard of LadyCare but went home, googled it and bought one that evening online. The rest is history.. recovered so quickly and fully, that after a year I tentatively stop using it everyday and found I didn’t need it anymore. I put it away in its box in my drawer and didn’t think about it anymore until my daughter started wafting her hands in front of her face, saying I think I’m starting the menopause….groan. Aah…try my LadyCare magnet. She pulled a face but agreed to try it and of course it has helped and she is now telling all her friends about LadyCare. Fantastic and not known about well enough in my opinion. – Sally

“I bought a Ladycare magnet prior to having a planned total hysterectomy back In January. I started wearing it around a week after the operation. I can say that my symptoms are slight, only having hot flushes during the evening. I feel I have had such benefit from the ladycare magnet, and plan to continue to wear it 24/7 for the foreseeable future. Thank you so much Ladycare.” – Susan

If you’d like to read more of the entries for yourself, please visit the competition post on our Facebook page. Thank you again for every single entry that was sent in and thank you to the entire LadyCare community across Facebook for openly discussing menopause, we need to get more women talking about it in order to help each other, #menopausechat.

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