Sarah Gorman

Celebrity fitness professional and creator of BlendFit

Sarah Gorman is a fitness professional who has been working within the fitness industry for the past 20 years. She is personal trainer, class instructor, fitness educator and
presenter with a social media presence to influence and guide people on their fitness journey.

Her background in dance and acting led to her training as a Pilates instructor over 20 years ago and Pilates has stayed firmly rooted at the heart of all the disciplines that she

Whilst living in the USA Sarah trained under some very influential fitness gurus in LA. She has trained actors and celebrities in fitness, prepping them for roles as well as a number
of sports men and woman to improve their capabilities in their individual sporting fields.

Sarah has created and developed her BlendFit Method over the past 15years to provide an eclectic approach to training; blending disciplines to create energetic and fun classes
to get people strong, fit and healthy.

Her drive is to continuously create new and inspirational classes that are at the cutting edge of the fitness industry, with the focus, very much, on strength and fun. Her aim is to
bring her love and passion of movement to the widest audience available to her.

She wants to inspire people to feel empowered, strong and find joy in movement.


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