Client Louise share experience about menopause

What’s Your Experience With Menopause? Louise Shares Her Story…

Despite the fact that all women will go through menopause in their lifetimes, it’s still not as openly discussed as we would like it to be! Menopause is a natural process and nothing to be ashamed of, sharing stories is one of the best ways to open up a discussion and get rid of some of the taboo that often surrounds the topic.

Did you experience peri-menopause symptoms (the time leading up to menopause)?

Yes for several years. I suffered from night sweats, mood swings and scanty periods.

When did you officially start menopause and what were your thoughts as it approached?

I was on the mini-pill so initially, I was unsure if I was in full menopause. My GP did a blood test and it confirmed I wasn’t yet in full menopause. Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer and during chemo, I actually had a period. Then my chemotherapy sent me into chemical menopause on the second cycle. At the time I was sad because even though I have two boys I would have liked a little girl. For me, it was a form of grieving.

Did you feel well equipped for menopause before it approached?

No not at all!! I was expecting to go through late menopause due to the fact that my Mum didn’t become menopausal until she was 55. I assumed I’d follow suit. I certainly didn’t think I’d be thrown into it prematurely.

What were the first symptoms you noticed and what did that feel like?

The first symptoms I experienced were severe hot flushes that, at its worst, felt like I was dripping with water. It would start with a feeling of being cold and then I would start burning up. I’d also get a terrible sense of panic that would rise from my feet upwards. I’d have a sweaty forehead and chest, I could just feel the panic rising and rising.

How did you discover LaBalance?

I found out about it from a breast cancer forum, other women were sharing their experiences.

How has LaBalance helped you?

LaBalance has helped me enormously in reducing my hot flushes as well as the intensity of them. It’s given me a sense of confidence and I don’t feel embarrassed going out anymore knowing that I’m more in control of my flushes.

Did you wear LaBalance + or the standard device?

I wore LaBalance because it had the best reviews on purchasing.

Would you recommend LaBalance to friends and family?

Absolutely yes! I was a little bit sceptical when I purchased it. I was concerned it might be a waste of money, but l like natural remedies and I wanted to try it. It was perfect for me and more importantly, within a week all my symptoms had improved almost overnight!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend LaBalance to other ladies who are suffering the misery of hot flushes and the associated embarrassment of them. At one point I was changing my clothes 3 times a day, but now I’m back to normality and I’m only having 1 or 2 subtle flushes a day, which I can manage! Chemotherapy is horrible to go through and all the associated side effects, so anything that helps is a godsend to ladies with breast cancer. LaBalance has saved my dignity and sanity thank you!!!

Louise Macleay – Age 53

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