Real Women Real Stories – Debs

What’s happened to me?

‘My meno-magnet energises me!’

Meet Debs – she’s 49, in postmenopause and is a menopause coach.

Debs has been using LaBalance now for around 3 months and has seen HUGE changes in her energy levels, sleep and motivation to move!

Debs told us…

‘I’ve struggled with my sleep for decades and although recently I have managed to improve it a lot, since LaBalance, it’s become even better! On top of that, LaBalance makes me DO things! It has given me so much energy that I’ve even gotten back into regular fitness – something I haven’t done for a very long time. I even miss exercise if I don’t manage to get it done in the day! I’m more productive with my business, have more clarity and focus to get things done and I’m much calmer. Won’t be without it now!’

To connect with Debs and find out more about her menopause journey, you’ll find her on all social platforms as @menodebs

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