What Should I Do to Help Ease My Menopause Symptoms?

Menopause is a natural part of the ageing process, where a change in hormone levels causes monthly periods to become increasingly irregular until they eventually stop entirely. On average this takes place between the ages of 45 and 55, although symptoms can begin earlier.

It is common to experience a range of symptoms throughout the menopause, where these can vary in severity from person to person. There are many different ways that these symptoms can be eased, where solutions range from lifestyle changes to natural remedies.

Read on for a look at the key ways you can ease your menopause symptoms, with an overview of commonly reported symptoms that are typically experienced.

Common Menopause Symptoms

The symptoms experienced during menopause are wide ranging, where these can vary in intensity and develop over time. Both mental and physical wellbeing can be impacted during this process, where symptoms commonly include:

Mental health symptoms: low mood, mood swings, anxiety, self-esteem dips and brain fog, where memory and concentration are affected

Physical health symptoms: hot flushes, insomnia, heart palpitations, migraines, reduced sex drive, vaginal dryness, recurring UTIs and weakened bones

Menopause Advice: Top Methods To Relieve Your Symptoms

Although these symptoms may feel overwhelming, there are lots of practical ways in which you can help yourself feel better. Some women may prefer to moderate their symptoms through natural remedies or lifestyle changes, whilst in other cases medical intervention may be recommended.

Always consult a doctor or medical professional before considering dietary supplements or changes to your medication to manage your menopause symptoms.

Lifestyle Changes

One of the easiest ways to manage your menopause symptoms is to make small changes in your everyday life, where common methods include:

Getting Lots Of Rest

Simple though it may sound, making sure you’re getting enough rest is a great way to moderate a range of menopause symptoms, including mood swings and hot flushes. If you’re struggling to sleep due to your symptoms, then you may wish to consider various herbal remedies such as lavender oil, or medical interventions.

Maintaining A Healthy Diet

Eating a balanced diet throughout the menopause can help to keep your body healthy, whilst maintaining bone strength. In addition to this, high sugar and processed foods can cause blood sugar dips that can worsen mood imbalances, where foods that reduce energy slowly may help you to feel better. Drinking lots of water can also help with vaginal dryness and managing anxiety levels.

Exercising Regularly

Taking regular exercise throughout the menopause can help to improve your mood and keep your body healthy, helping to manage weight gain associated with a change in hormone levels. Exercise is also beneficial for maintaining your bone and muscle health, in addition to relaxing your body and mind.

Reducing Smoking & Drinking

It’s always beneficial for your health to reduce smoking, where smokers tend to experience more intense menopause symptoms including hot flushes and insomnia. Heavy drinking can also worsen your risk of developing heart conditions and osteoporosis during the menopause.

Natural Remedies For Hot Flushes

Hot flushes are one of the most commonly experienced menopause symptoms, where sudden temperature changes in the body, face, neck and chest can result in feelings of dizziness or an increase in sleeping problems. 

All the above advice on making small lifestyle changes can reduce the intensity of hot flushes, where additional precautions may include:

Wearing light clothing – where layering and wearing loose fitting clothes can help you to manage sudden temperature changes

Keeping bedrooms cool at night – where this can help to improve your sleep as well as reducing hot flushes during the night time

Stress management – taking steps to manage your stress levels can have a positive impact on your hot flushes, helping to reduce frequency and intensity

Avoiding dietary triggers – common food and drink such as spicy dishes, coffee and red wine can initiate hot flushes, where a reduction in these could help to relieve your symptoms 

Dietary Supplements

In addition to making these lifestyle changes, you may also wish to consider taking vitamin supplements such as vitamin D to maintain bone and muscle strength. Other supplements such as magnesium can help to boost energy levels, improve sleep and manage hot flushes. Vitamin B is also thought to help ward off menopausal depression by boosting serotonin levels.

Talking Therapies

In addition to lifestyle and dietary changes, you may also wish to consider undergoing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to address some of your symptoms. This kind of therapy can help women to manage mood changes, hot flushes and insomnia.

Herbal Remedies

For a more traditional approach to managing your symptoms, you may wish to consider taking a herbal remedy. Remember that it is always best to seek medical advice before opting for choosing alternative therapies for menopause. Popular options include flaxseed products which are thought to help balance hormone levels, or ginseng to boost low mood. St John’s Wart is also a popular remedy for mood swings and mild depression.

Medical Interventions

In some cases, you may be advised by your doctor to consider various medical options to help you manage your symptoms. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a popular treatment option, which involves replacing your body’s lowered oestrogen levels. This can be administered through skin patches, tablets, gels or an implant. 

Other options include testosterone gels to help improve your sex drive, oestrogen creams or tablets for vaginal dryness, as well as other non-hormonal medicines for hot flushes and night sweats.

The LaBalance Magnet

For an alternative to medical interventions and herbal remedies, you may wish to consider the LaBalance Magnet from Sassy La Femme. The magnet consists of two pieces which fit just beneath your belly button. The larger piece fits inside your underwear next to the skin, where the smaller piece sits on the outside of your underwear so the two parts can connect together. This smaller piece directs the device’s magnetism.

It is thought that a connection between magnetism and the autonomic nervous system allows the device to improve a range of menopause symptoms. Anecdotal feedback has suggested that the magnet can relieve experiences of hot flushes, mood swings, joint pain and insomnia.

Benefits Of Using The LaBalance Magnet

We believe that our magnet can provide an effective alternative to other menopause treatments, where it’s benefits include:

No Side Effects

Because the LaBalance magnet is entirely natural, you don’t have to worry about experiencing any unexpected side effects. This means you can focus entirely on relieving your symptoms and improving your overall well being.


Although it is recommended that you wear your magnet as much as possible throughout the day and night, you will be provided with a handy travel pouch to store the product safely. This can come in handy if you’re removing the magnet if you’re going for a swim or if you’d like to remove it to shower.

Natural Menopause Relief

One of the main benefits of the LaBalance magnet is that it is entirely natural, where you won’t be adding any additional supplements or chemicals to your daily routine. This is ideal if you’re worried about side effects or if you simply prefer a medicine-free approach to your healthcare.


The LaBalance magnet is also completely waterproof, meaning you can keep wearing it in the shower or bath without worrying about its magnetism being affected. The magnet can be taped to the skin if you’re going underwear free, where wearing the magnet consistently is the best way to see positive results.

Safe To Use With Other Treatments

Because the LaBalance magnet is completely natural, it is entirely safe to use alongside other medications. This means that if you’re taking other medicines or herbal remedies for your menopause symptoms, then the magnet can be safely used in addition to this.

Money Back Guarantee

At Sassy La Femme, we can offer you a straightforward money back guarantee if you’re not entirely satisfied with the product. We recommend that you try the magnet for 90 days, where sometimes it can take a while to notice its effects. If you’re not feeling the benefits of LaBalance after this time, then you can send the magnet back to us for a full refund.

Contact us today to learn more about LaBalance, or visit our FAQ page for more information.

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